Posted by  •  April 11

GPU Cryptocurrency mining can still be highly profitable. You won't be mining Bitcoin directly but you can mine many alt-coins that have a profitable alt -> BTC -> USD exchange rate. Building a GPU mining rig can be complicated. Sourcing parts, good information, and keeping your costs down is a challenge. GPU Mining...

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November 1  • 

100 Working Onion Links November 2015

Working Onion links can be Hard to Find You can make your own list of onion links by using my spider, it is available on Github at...

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October 9  • 

Interact with WebDAV via curl

How to use WebDav via Curl I recently had to assist in automating a few interactions with an Owncloud deployment. Here are the command used to...

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April 8  • 

What is an explicit redirect in Grails?

Why am I writing about an Explicit Redirect? While working with composite and assigned keys in Grails, I kept running into the following...

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April 3  • 

Grails Legacy Database Tips and Tricks

Grails Legacy Database Tips and Tricks Sometimes a legacy database is a necessary evil and requires extra configuration in Grails to get around...

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