Finding the Xenserver Pool Master

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Whenever I am documenting a Xenserver environment, the first thing that I do is determine which host is the Xenserver Pool Master. I always start an SSH session and have the information I need before Xencenter can finish synchronizing with a pool.

Find the Xenserver Pool Master Using the Command Line

{adinserter 1}The pool master can be found quickly with just a few commands.

Find all pool UUIDs and the UUIDs of Pool Masters

The following command will provide a list of all pool UUIDs and the UUID of the master

Now you can run the following command on each of the pool master UUIDs that were returned.

 How about a fancy one-liner to handle all this for you?

Using Xencenter

You can do the same thing with Xencentet just by looking at the hosts under the pool name. The the first host under the pool name will be the pool master. Sure, this is less complicated but you don’t get the satisfaction of using the command line.

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  1. Chris Stevens / September 20, 2013 at 9:05 am / Reply

    Thanks for the one-liner. It is exactly what I needed.

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