Change the Xenserver Pool Master the Easy Way

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Xenserver Change Pool Master

Changing the pool master on Xenserver is a simple task but it can be a little scary for the uninitiated. Typically this procedure is only needed during hardware failure or maintenance. If you are ready to proceed, lets get started!

Are you Using High Availability?

Before proceeding, you need to see if HA is enabled for the pool. The following command will list all pools along with UUID, name-label, and HA status.

If the pool you are working with returns “ha-enabled: true”, then it needs to be disabled with the following command.

Once high availability has been worked out, you can move on to the next step!

Who is the New Pool Master?

You will need the UUID of a different Xenserver host who will be the new po0l master. Grab the UUID of one of the hosts in the pool with the following command. More methods of grabbing Xenserver Host UUID can be found here.

Be careful not to select the old pool master!

Keep note of the UUID for the new host and move on.

Change Pool Master

Remember that UUID from the last step? Time to put it to use! Change the pool master with the following command.

If you found that you had HA enabled at the beginning of this article, it is time to re-enable it.

That is the whole simple process. Feel free to comment if you need any help with Xenserver change pool master!



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