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Interact with WebDAV via curl

 •  October 9

How to use WebDav via Curl I recently had to assist in automating a few interactions with an Owncloud deployment. Here are the command used to...

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ownCloud logging with LDAP

 •  August 19

I recently started using the admin_audit application which is used to track user activity on the Enterprise version of Owncloud. Unfortunately, the...

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Linode Dynamic DNS Script

 •  June 28

I support a few people in my family with all their troubleshooting needs. I have most of them converted to Linux which makes the calls few and far...

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ownCloud LDAP usage reporting on Linux

 •  June 23

When ownCloud is configured to use LDAP for authentication, the users GUID is used as the name for the directory which holds all the files that the...

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